We design and manufacture successful grocery Groceries are in great demand, as the goods that create the main food stock of every home. Moreover, it is grocery that forms the lifestyle of the modern consumer. Therefore, experienced merchandisers try to arrange these departments in the most attractive way carefully planned, ergonomic, facilitating the choice and access to products, and at the same time conveying the idea and message of the product whether it is environmental friendliness and purity of products, modernity and drive, or home comfort. Such tasks are solved by professional retail equipment for groceries from ZOKKO - roomy large drawers, ergonomic drawers with a movable shelves - racks and stands for displaying packaged products racks, boxes and dispensers for bulk products thematic racks and POS displays original eco-style barrels, dummies and many other variations in concept and style in modern, farm, classic

POS - stores and supermarkets
  • groceries
  • Food Stock
  • Grocery Forms

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