Ground quartz (flour 50 microns) - Quartz (marshallite) powder

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Dear partners! TPE Bonustrade LLC offers to delivery, to your enterprise ground quartz (fine silica flour) or MARSHALITE class A Marshalit is a product of crushing of the dry enriched quartz sand with the minimum content of harmful impurity and high rates after grinding tannin that is one of the most important quality indicators of raw materials. №Name of indicatorsFact 1.Mass fraction of SiO2, %99,35 2.Mass fraction of Fe2O3, %0,05 3.Mass fraction of Al2O3, %0,5 4.Mass fraction of Fe, %0,5 6.Mass fraction of moisture, %0,2 7.Losses during the calcinating, %0,1 8.Pass through a grid 0050 (50 microns), %90 The price - contractual; Terms of payment – 100% an advance payment;