material: sheet steel with silicon coating Proficoat 100 sets: 3 single moulds with adjacent profile frame. Also available for baking trolleys. Please ask! Beautiful "seamless" cakes. Our Gugelhopf- and Ring moulds with the "seamless" stamp are deep-drawn from a single sheet using tooling developed by us specially for this purpose. There is therefore no joint or seam, as in conventiona production. The result: Easier removal from the mould. The cake comes out perfect, without any seam. Moulds: mould with fitted tube mould deep-drawn out of one part mould as set 3-strap "Classic" with smooth border Original "Vienna"with ribbed border "Trendo" "Delizi" with grooved bottom with smooth bottom "Wikinger" oval Set 3-strap moulds seamless deep-drawn


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