Guided radar measurement Time-of-Flight Levelflex FMP55


Levelflex FMP55 guided radar with SensorFusion offers the worldwide first combination of the capacitance and guided radar measuring principle in one device. The instrument guarantees safe measured value acquisition even in emulsion layers and issues level and interface layer signals simultaneously. This makes the FMP55 Multiparameter the new standard in interface measurement especially in the oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical industry.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments

Product features

Measuring Principle Guided radar
Characteristic / Application Premium device Multiparameter (capacitance and guided radar); Rod probe, Rope probe, Coaxial probe;
Interface measurement Interfaces liquid / liquid also with emulsion layers54321; Simultaneous measurement of interface and
Supply / Communication 2-wire (HART / PROFIBUS PA/ FOUNDATION Fieldbus); 4-wire (HART)
Accuracy Rod probe :; +/- 2 mm (0.08 in); Rope probe:; +/- 2 mm (0.08 in); Coaxial probe:; +/- 5 mm (0.2 in)
Ambient temperature -40...+80 °C; (-40...+176 °F)
Process temperature –50...+200 °C; (–58...+392 °F)
Process pressure absolute / max. overpressure limit Vakuum...40 bar; (Vacuum...580 psi)
Main wetted parts Rod probe:; 304, 316L, PTFE, PFA; Rope probe:; 304, 316, 316L, PTFE, PFA; Coaxial probe:; 304, 316L,
Process connection Flange:; ASME 1 1/2"...6",; DN50...DN150,; JIS 10K

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