Gum Arabic


Scientific name: Acacia Senegal Other names in English: Acacia Arabica, Gum Acacia, Khadir, Kher, Kumatia, Mimosa Senegal. Cultivation mode: Wild collection In manufacturing: Pharmaceutical, Toothpaste, Ceramic, Envelope making, Cosmetics, Painting, Printing ink, Stamp, Coal, Shoe wax, Textile, Lithography. Chemical Composition: Minerals, Arabinogalactan, two types of sugars called Arabinose and Galactose, Water, Tannin, Tanoside, Several Diastases called Oxidase and Peroxidase – Amylase and Emulsion.

Dried fruits
  • gum arabic
  • Dried fruits
  • Gummi candy

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