Gutters system

Galvanized and polymerized gutters system


New generation gutter system, able to perform its functions for many years without losing functionality and aesthetics. STC gutter system - is the only metal system (0.5mm), all the elements of which are made by molding and deep elongation. The stamping and drawing technology provides extreme resistance to loads and their exact geometry to the elements of the system. The production method of the elements of the STC drainage system makes it possible to simplify the assembly by triggering one element in the other. The drainage system is galvanized and covered with a protective polymer coating with a thickness of 80 - 250 microns, resistant to ultraviolet rays and precipitation. The product can be applied to three different types of coating: polyester, polyethylene or polypropylene. The last coatings are resistant to the marine climate and aggressive environments. These thicknesses and types of coatings guarantee a guaranteed lifetime of products over 50 years.

Waterproofing construction products
  • Polymerized gutters system
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