HALOGEN-FREE, SCREENED 0,6/1 kV MOTOR CONNECTION CABLE Marking BIRTAS KABLO 2YSLCH-J 4 G 4mm2 1964 10 004 Part no GOST-R CE … mt Application These halogen-free double screened low capacitance motor supply cable for the frequency converters , assures electromagnetic compability in plants, buildings where the fields of electromagnetic interference might cause adverse effects on the surroundings. Due to the optimal screening an interference-free operation of frequency converters is obtained. The screen protects against external interference pulses and ensures an interference-free transmission, and transfer impedance is max. 250 ?/km at 30MHZ. These cables are used at covered areas, plants and in the environments which have no corrosive gases are emitted in the event of fire. In case of fire, these cables inhibit the propagation of the flames whereby the development of smoke is extremely low. These cables are not used for outdoor or underground installation. Cable...

Product features

Standard VDE 0250
Insulation resistance Min. 200 MΩ.km
Mutual capacitance 70 ~ 250 nF/km Core / screen : 110 ~ 410 nF/km
Rated voltage 0,6/1 kV
Test voltage 4000 V
Temperature range - 30 oC ~ + 70 oC Mobile: - 5 oC ~ + 50 oC
Min. bending radius 7,5 x D Mobile: 15 x D
Smoke density test IEC 61034-2 & TS/DIN EN 61034-2
Halogen-free properties test IEC60754-1/2 & TS/DIN EN 50267-2
Flame test IEC 60332-3 & TS/DIN EN 50266-2-4


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