HAPPYLIFE FIT BAR – Organic bars full of energy

Remarkable line of healthy bars.


We offer two unusual flavours which won´t just bring joy to your taste buds, but ingredients from which they were prepared have positive effect on human body. VITALITY – Apricot as well as hemp have beneficial effects on skin and digestion. But especially hemp helps to keep blood pressure on optimal level and heart in healthy condition. ENERGY – Guarana helps increasing energy which is also why it´s being often used as an ingredient in energy drinks and dietary supplements for sportsmen. Topinambour contains lot of vitamins (vitamins A, B, C and K) and other substances such as iron, phosphor or zinc. It also benefits digestion processes. Benefits Made of naturally gluten free ingredients Dairy and soy free Without colourants and preservatives Sugar free Suitable for vegans

Organic food
  • Dietary and organic foods
  • healthy and natural food
  • fit bar
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