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HAWO HPL ISZ Teflon® Impulse Heat Sealer

Hand Held Heat Sealer 300mm


This manual impulse heat sealer is perfect for welding materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, and polyamid. Thin Pe laminated paper and aluminium foil can also be sealed. For thicker materials see out WSZ range. The market leading design focuses around optimal seal quality. This portable heat sealer allows the operator to easily work in small spaces. Or when sealing on site. It’s also intended for those that produce their own packaging and want more maneuverability. Perfect for when the items being packaged may vary in size. Or be awkward to seal. As well as these excellent ergonomic features this sealer is designed with a ‘built to last’ mentality. No ‘heat up time’ is standard here. Allowing this unit to perform for the most demanding of sealing projects. This hand heat sealer is easy to handle thanks to a separate impulse power supply box. The welding process is automatic and can be adjusted to suit your temperature requirements.

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