HAWO WSZ 300 Heat Sealer - Hand Held Heat Sealer 300mm



These HAWO heat sealer machines are premium devices for use on projects where seal quality needs to be ensured. These expertly manufactured devices are built with the highest quality in mind and come complete with ceramic sealer jaws to ensure a high temperature tolerance during repeated use. They are designed with the user in mind using a lightweight and ergonomic design. The portable feature makes them ideal for use when packaging sealing items that may be awkward or difficult to maneuver around. These units are ideal for use on projects where foil bag sealing is paramount to ensure the condition of the product. This sealer suits most thicknesses of foil packaging. Clients are diverse but mostly sectors that need optimal seal strength when shipping freight. Medical packaging, industrial packaging and electronics packaging are the most popular uses but a product as adaptable as this is always finding new uses for itself.