Verifire™ HD High Definition Interferometer System with QPSI™ Vibration Tolerant Technology Mid-spatial frequency chatter on a single point diamond turned optical surface Watch: Verifire™ HD QPSI™ demo on shop floor. ZYGO's Verifire™ HD interferometer system provides fast high-resolution measurements of flat or spherical surfaces, and transmitted wavefront measurement of optical components and assemblies. The interferometric cavity length is precisely modulated while a high-speed camera captures several fringe images, which are analyzed by the software to create a highly detailed measurement of the part being tested. Exposes Mid-Spatial Frequency Surface Features Mid-spatial frequency features can't hide any longer. The Verifire HD system boasts a hi-res camera and optimized optical design to reliably measure surface features that have been difficult to discern in the past. Plus, the Mx™ software package provides the facility to quantify mid-spatial frequency content with...

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