The HD29 is a dual screen automated self service payment and ticket kiosk including one 17/19" touchscreen for all kinds of applications. With a dual screen bulky enclosure of high reliability cash validator, photo printer, receipt printer, EPP, credit/debit card reader, barcode reader, UPS and a lot of more useful devices combo, HD29 is the versatile kiosk for all kinds of payment and ticket applications. As the most popular model, HD29 has been developed into several sub-models for the project-oriented solutions. By adopting the most up-to-date technology and powerful high performance industrial computer for 24/7 use, the bulky dual screen touch screen kiosk is design to cater the increasing demand of the airport kiosk, the bank payment kiosk, hotel check in kiosk, museum card dispensing kiosk,photo printing shop, theater ticket vending, mobile phone card vending and other indoor places for the featured easy-to-use easy-to-operate payment and ticket kiosks.

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  • self service terminal
  • ticket kiosk
  • payment kiosk