STUD BOLTS THREADED BOLTS CLEVIS PINS DIN 1438 DIN 1445 SPLINT-PIN BOLTS, HEAD BOLTS: DIN 1433 (without head) DIN 1434 (with head) DIN 1435 (with head) DIN 1436 (with head) DIN 1443 ISO 2340 (without head) DIN 1444 ISO 2341 (with head) All bolts based on DIN / EN / ISO or by drawing (modified standard) bolt clevis pin DIN 1445 Material: Machining steel e.g. 9SMn(Pb)28k, 11SMn(Pb)30+C... Carbon Steel e.g. C15, C35, C45... Stainless Steel e.g. 1.4305, 1.4301, 1.4571, 1.4104... Aluminum e.g. AlMgPb, AlMgSi0,5, AlMgSi1... In association with our high qualified partners the supply of hardened and coated standard parts is self-evident. Our products are galvanized on request, painted, anodised, phosphated, zinc flake coated (e.g. GEOMET) etc

Turning - steels and metals

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