Politubes, in conjunction with DuPont, has developed a special spiral-wound tube made of heat-shrinkable polyester (Mylar HS), which enables automated fixing of permanent magnets, thereby reducing the cost of assembling these motors.Important advantages are: 1.Unlike very expensive steel rings, the spiral-wound tube also wraps around and protects the ends of the magnets, which are also subject to corrosion. 2.The trimming that often has to be done during the assembly process when using rigid rings is avoided; the Politubes spiral-wound tube adheres perfectly to the magnets, taking their shape and protecting them from cracking and scratching; this also guarantees perfect balancing of the rotor. 3.Part of the assembly process is removed, since potentially costly and often manual bandage with tape impregnated with epoxy resins can be eliminated; this avoids as well lenghty resin activation time in oven; productivity is thereby increased and hidden production costs reduced.

Flexible tubes - non-ferrous metal
  • bldc motors
  • brushless motors
  • electric motors with permanent magnets