Fire intumescent seal Flint®


Flint® is a fire intumesment sealing tape aimed to retard spreading of fire through the fireproof doors, valves, closets and safe boxes. Graphite-based black tape and graphite-free colored tape. Flint® have high protective qualities, developed by our own engineering laboratory. As well, all our fire retardant seals complemented with an aestethic appearance - matt smooth surface of any required colour. Adhesive layer 3M can be applied to the tape Packing method: 120 or 60 r.m. coil in a cardboard box.

Refractory materials and products
  • heat-seal tapes
  • Fire stop seal
  • Rubber seals

Product features

Product composition Thermoplastic compound
Color Any color by RAL
Intumescent beginning temperature of black tape From 180°C (356°F)
Intumescent beginning temperature of color tape From 200°C (392°F)
Expansion ratio of black tape Over 3000%
Expansion ratio of color tape Over 5000%
Fire protection limit 120 minutes
Lifetime 25 years
Self-adhesive layer 3M
Application mode To apply on fire protection equipment
Product unit Running meter
Transportation Pallets of coils
Recycling Not allowed

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