HECO developed the HECO-UFIX® MDF screw for perfect results with this material. The specially shaped MDF drilling point with cutting ribs centres the screw as soon as it is positioned and clears out a lot of material during driving. This prevents the MDF board from splitting. Nor do bulges appear in the surface when screws are screwed into the end of the board. The HECO-plus toothing at the leading end "saws" one turn into the wall of this "hole". The precisely matching diameter of the "hole" and screw thread provide maximum hold as well as maximum safety against splitting. The HECO-plus toothing also reduces the driving torque. For those who work with MDF/HDF, the HECO-UFIX® is an essential fastener. Dont just take our word for it see for yourself!

  • Wood screw
  • mdf
  • countersunk head

Product features

Head form Countersunk head with milling grooves
Recess HECO-Drive
Thread Part threaded
Material Carbon steel, zinc plated
Diameter 3,5 - 4,5 mm
Length 40 - 60 mm

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