The HECO-UNIX has a full thread with variable pitch which steadily decreases in the centre section and is smaller at the rear thread range than at the tip of the screw. Thanks to the variable thread pitch of the HECO-UNIX screws the wooden components are pulled together as the screws are driven in. This permits the use of fully threaded screws without jigging the wood components together. Assembly tasks can therefore be completed much more quickly. Thanks to the full thread, components are also fixed in place axially. This prevents the negative effects of creeping und shrinking by wood when using part-thread screws. Furthermore, panels are completely secured even before the head is countersunk leading to a neater finish. Deep countersinking is no longer necessary.

  • Wood screw
  • full thread
  • countersunk head

Product features

Head form Countersunk head with milling grooves
Recess Pozi-Drive / T-Drive
Thread Full threaded
Material Carbon steel / stainless steel A2
Diameter 3,5 - 6 mm
Length 12 - 200 mm

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