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Heinen specializes in safety doors and compartmentation. In 1973, Heinen designed the first metal door that combined fire-break performance with intense use. Our offer has diversified since then; we sell burglar-proof doors, bullet-proof doors, explosion-proof doors, acoustic doors, anti-panic doors, and so on. Heinen doors aim to protect everything while guaranteeing stability and strength that allow for intense use to be made of the door. The ‘Quality’ requirements made of our production shops far exceed statutory obligations: thus, Heinen doors offer optimum performance through decades of use. Our products are covered by a 15-year warranty. We can identify customers' real requirements on the basis of pre-defined parameters using the HCONFIG software. We guide our customers in analysing their needs and drawing up the specifications. We concentrate our efforts on research and development to optimize the quality of our products and rely on a network of trusted partners to ensure our customers are satisfied. We primarily work for the transport, nuclear and energy sectors and for industry. We are a trusted supplier to customers like RTBF in addition to various government organizations. Contact us for further details!

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Heinen fire-resistant doors have been designed to meet your needs in exceptional dimensions, while still meeting the requirements in terms of intensive use and mechanical resistance. For example, a Heinen double door, EI1-60, can easily compartmentalise an opening of 4.40 x 4.40 m! Heinen has always been a pioneer in fire-resistant compartmentalisation. As early as 1973, the brand attracted attention by perfecting the world’s first metal fire-resistant door! Since 2010, Heinen doors have been validated according to European standards by no fewer than 30 official fire tests. The pace of developments and the intensive activity in the R&D department even prompted the company to purchase its own furnace that meets European standards in order to carry out pre-tests. All Heinen external fire doors for pedestrians are CE marked according to the new European standards EN 16034 (fire doors) and EN 14351-1 (external pedestrian doors)


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In 80% of cases, the perpetrators first attack the door of the place to be burgled. So the door is the main element to be secured in the outer shell of the building. Generally speaking, and whatever type of compartmentalisation is involved (burglary resistant door, fire resistant door, acoustic door, etc.) the openings into the building are the weak point. Talking about ‘burglary resistant’ is not entirely correct. It would be more accurate to refer to ‘burglary retardant’. In fact, the means implemented (tools of attack) to force access to the protected zone are always seen in relation to the period of time available to the assailant and his level of experience.


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Heinen develops fire resistant doors for a wide range of fields. Many of our products are tested to European standards based on the ISO 834 standard temperature/time curve which takes into account the rising temperature of a “standard” fire in order to define fire resistance (e.g. EI1 30, EI1 60, EI1 120…). However, some doors need resistance for more specific situations where tests using the ISO 834 standard curve are not sufficient. In particular this is the case for tunnel doors where the requirements have been strengthened since the early 2000s. Requirements have also been stepped up to guarantee maximum resistance in specific situations where the temperature of a fire climbs far more quickly.Heinen’s tunnel doors or HCM doors have met the requirements of the maximum level, i.e. level N3: HCM120 / CN240. They are available as single or double doors. Symmetrical or asymmetrical HCM fireproof.


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An anti-panic door must always be able to be opened in an emergency by those present in a building. This functionality is taken into account in particular in the regulations relating to the risks of fire (fire-resistance performance feature) and panic. In fact, emergency exits are usually located along evacuation routes and it must be possible to open them quickly and easily in the direction of the evacuation. These ’emergency exit’ doors are usually used in buildings open to the public (ERP) or public places, but also in workplaces. Our main customers for these doors include the retail sector, theatres, concert halls and cinemas, hospitals, industry, offices, etc. Depending on the place where they are installed, emergency exits will also include other performance features: fire resistance, burglary resistance, bullet-proof, soundproof insulation, etc. Heinen has a great deal of experience in the field of anti-panic devices, in particular thanks to the many tested

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