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Electrical connections between motor, control cabinet air dryer and water pump. Specific electric motors : protection degrees, IP23 or IP55. Efficiency class : IE1, IE2, IE3. Different optional voltage and frequencies, standard is 400V/3/50HZ or 60HZ +/- 10%. Other voltage is on request : 380V/3/50Hz or 60Hz, 575V/ 60Hz… Soft starter SIEMENS SIKOSTART. Standard is Star Delta starter, the optional soft starter is integrated in the main electrical control cabinet. The compressor is equipped with an electrical pre-lubrication oil pump for the crankcase. Air-conditioning for electrical control cabinet for inside temperatures exceeding 40 for soft starter & 45°C for standard electrical cabinet. The frequency inverter electrical cabinet is protected against high temperature through a different selection of internal components (powerblock…).