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HIOS - Electric screwdriver - version including built-in screw counting


Brushless motor offers high performance and low maintenance, eliminates carbon dust for cleaner operation Economic design using proven features of the HIOS® BL and CL Series tools The screwdriver body uses an anti-static body case to prevent the generation of static electricity, suitable for the assembly of precision equipment and electronic parts 4mm and 5mm drive type are a HIOS® drive (wing style) Inline body style Integration of the screwdriver and the counter is optimal for space-saving operations Visual fastener count (up or down); including total count Detects and eliminates costly screw-fastening errors Detects cross threading, omission, unfinished rundowns and cycle complete Fastener accept and reject lights - Go/No Go RoHS compliant and CE certified Power Supply: T-45BL, T-70BL, or PS-55 up to 1.7 N.m