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  • Packing solutions

    Packing solutions

    We always look for the best way of production packing to save the transportation fees.

  • Mould making

    Mould making

    If you do not have the tools for plastic injection moulding, there are no problems, we can help!

  • Quality requirements

    Quality requirements

    During the production we are checking parts hourly too keep the tolerances and customer needs.

  • Different colors

    Different colors

    Just give us the code or sample of the color and we will find the right masterbatch to match your requirements.

  • Tampo printing

    Tampo printing

    If you need the logo or some kind of painting on your part, there is no problem to do that in HODA.

  • Overmoulding


    Plastic or metal parts overmoulding with different material .

  • Assembly to the final product

    Assembly to the final product

    We offer plastic parts assembly with metal parts.

  • Packing solutions

    Packing solutions

    Plastic products packing according to the customer needs.

  • Transparent parts

    Transparent parts

    Transparent plastic parts producing with additional printing works.