HOME ACCESSORIES main products: storage baskets, rugs, poufs and lampshades and handbags we are specialised in high-quality and contemporary design home accessories NATURAL FIBERS MATERIALS all products are made of natural fibers. they are seagrass, water hyacinth, corn husk leaves and palm leaves. we are leading incombining different natural fibers to createstunning designs. HANDWOVEN we are from the famous weaving traditional village in the north of vietnam. all products are handwoven. we have in-house designers andcollaborating with other designers in vietnam and sweden. new products are launched yearly. and thoughtfully.Materials-NATURAL TOUCH IN URBAN LIVING. if our product design aims to connect tradition with modernity, our materials thrive to connect nature with urban living. seagrass is a gift of the sea. water hyacinth is from the river . palm leaf is from the forest. corn husk leaf is a gift of the farm all materials are sustainably harvested and sourced.

Bamboo and rattan items
  • Bamboo and rattan items
  • rattan furniture
  • ethnic handicrafts

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