HT-490 is a special high temperature oil providing excellent lubrication even at high temperatures and loads. Lube has only a low evaporation losses at high temperatures. When properly applied, it does not form any lacquer-like residues. Lube offers excellent penetrating properties and thus ensures a rapid lubricating film formation. HT-490 is designed for the continuous press system which operate at very high temperatures. The most complex lubrication points on the moving parts in the heating and compression area are: steel belts, carpets of calibrated rollers, heating platens roller bar chains contact pressure and aligning chains steel belts, beds of roller chains, heating platens Friction points, i.e. steel belts/roller bars or chain carpets are fully exposed to the heating/compressing temperature. Description of Application Ranges Woodworking industry. Especially suitable for double belt presses like ContiRoll, Küsters press etc.

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