HTS Decanter

Highest Dry Matter Content for Sludge Dewatering in Waste water Treatment Plants


Transport and disposal costs, at over 70 percent, represent by far the largest cost item in sludge dewatering. A powerful dewatering assembly is thus an important criterion. With a Flottweg HTS Decanter in the C series, you can achieve the highest possible total dry solids in the dewatered sludge, thereby continuously saving on transport and disposal. More than 50 years of experience in the dewatering of sewage sludge and continuous further development have gone into the design of the Flottweg HTS Decanter. This experience, combined with references from the entire world, makes Flottweg one of the leading providers of mechanical separation technology. The HTS Decanter is attractive for its performance, its efficiency, and its high cost-effectiveness. The decanters in the Flottweg C series cover a throughput range from about 5 to over 150 cubic meters per hour. We can offer you comprehensive know-how and customized systems.

Import-export - mechanical engineering
  • decanter centrifuge
  • sewage treatment plants
  • sludge dewatering machine

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Highest Dry Matter Content for Sewage Sludge Dewatering

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