HYBRID Pad Printing Machine Series

Two-color pad printing machine with integrated cliché production.


The future in the pad printing process lies in the integrated cliché production using laser engraving. The pad printing machine HYBRID 90-2 combines the concept of the ”hermetic” pad printing with the flexibility of the digital data for cliché production. Thanks to the software ALFALAS® Laser Suite which was specifically developed for this purpose, the cliché production takes place in the HYBRID 90-2. Automatic changeover of print motifs takes place in a matter of seconds. A multi-color print motif will be directly produced with precise register setting. The control of the HYBRID 90-2 iTAMPOPRINT is already prepared for the use of the software iTAMPOPRINT. This offers the possibility to connect the pad printing machine for example to an ERP system in order to allow a complete data management. In addition, it is possible to process external information of camera systems, testing devices etc.

Pad printing
  • Pad printing
  • Pad Printing Machine
  • 2-Color Printing

Product features

Application Pad Printing
Application field Stand-alone, Automation
Number of cycles/h max. 1200
Number of colors 2

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