"HYDALAM®: DATA PROTECTION Secure transmission of confidential data Optimal alternative to conventional PIN Mailers, Rub-Off Compound Coverings or Safety Labels Easy to label by laser printer No publication of data to third parties necessary No re-machining required Easy folding and inserting Also available in small editions Without chemical paper Even safer in combination with other Security Elements Play it safe. Confidence in your quality, your transparency and your integrity strengthens the bonds of customer loyalty. This is especially true for your handling of confidential data. Whether the password for online-banking accounts, the results of medical examination or the winning notification – who wants to see that in third hands? With Hydalam® you play it safe. And always remain flexible. With Hydalam® you print the data directly on form by yourself. Invisible to third parties. A good feeling for your customer: He can trust you. Application Possibilities Bank: Transmission

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  • laserpin
  • pintab

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