The Hammer Mill, series PHMS is used for the economical preparation of wood chips from round wood, residual wood, waste wood or annual plants. The wood chips are of high quality and can be directly injected for combustion, or used as flakes for briquetting and pelletizing. Due to their quality they are also used for the production of core layer and surface layer material during the production of wood-based panels. Characteristics, Function Material is fed vertically from above The gravity sifter "Cleanomat" separates heavy contaminants from the feed material Flat steel hammers rotating at high speed split the feed material into flakes Stationary impact elements support the size reduction process and relieve the screens The perforation of the screens determines the size of the flakes The symmetrically designed machine housing allows operation of the mill in both directions Rotating flat steel hammers can swing back when large foreign objects penetrate into the grinding...

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