The Company and the Group KRAFTWERK Europe AG Founded in 1979 as the individual company IMPEX Patrick Wyss, the business became a family-run incorporated company in 2006, taking the name KRAFTWERK Europe AG due to the degree of familiarity of the KRAFTWERK brand. The main activities of KRAFTWERK Europe AG are the design, development, production, import, export, marketing and distribution of high-quality tools for professional and industrial use. KRAFTWERK Europe AG is the owner of the worldwide registered KRAFTWERK® industrial tool brand, which is well-known today in every European country and also in Asia. The company also sells other brands of tools. Due to its talent for innovation, KRAFTWERK Europe AG holds several registered patents and copyrights around the world. The hand tools are in generally manufactured in Asia by carefully chosen, ISO-certified plants with strict quality controls by KRAFTWERK Europe AG’s own personnel. Along with ensuring high quality standards, our main p

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