A hand vise is a tool which is designed to grip things. It can either be held in the hand, as the name implies, or fastened in a bench vise. There are a number of uses for these tools, ranging from woodworking to jeweling. Use to hold small objects tight while grinding, drilling, filing, hammering, sanding, shaping, etc. Jaws have vertical and horizontal V grooves for holding round objects. Use a hand vise and save your fingers. Hand vise has a handle attached to a set of jaws which can clamp down on various items. The jaws can be tightened with the assistance of wing screws, and they typically have a spring catch which keeps them open to the width they are set at. The jaws are also typically textured to increase their traction, ensuring that items in the hand vise do not slip. Item Code No.Size InchSize mm ABM-VC-10470375 ABM-VC-104714100 ABM-VC-104725125 ABM-VC-104736150 ABM-VC-104748200

Machine tools - metal machining
  • vices
  • clamps
  • Hand Vice Manufacturer and Exporter India

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