Quasiflex® is a range of hand formable cables which can replace semi-rigid cables whilst retaining similar electrical performance. They have been designed for antenna systems. Their advantages are as follows: similar electrical performance to semi-rigid cables, excellent shielding efficiency, excellent memory properties. Hand formable cables are easy to install and no tooling is required. Assemblies terminated with SMA, N, TNC connectors can be supplied. The construction of semi-rigid substitute Quasiflex® is identical to the construction of semi-rigid cables (MIL-C-17). They are made with silver plated copper conductor and a PTFE dielectric. They are shielded and insulated with a FEP or PR or 0-Hal jacket if required. Main applications are : telecommunications, base transceiver stations, antenna systems,etc.

Electric cables
  • semi-rigd substitute
  • mil-c-17
  • hand formable coaxial cable

Product features

excellent shielding efficiency Excellent memory properties


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