Hand-XD Baltospot - Portable generators

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The Hand-XD® is a revolutionary wireless remote control which can operate a generator remotely from up to 100 m in open fields. The Hand-XD offers the majority of the same features but for controlling the Baltospot Portable Constant potential series. The purpose of this is certainly to gain freedom of moves in cluttered environment like shipyards or places where cables are at risk or never long enough because of mandatory twists and turns around existing infrastructures. Having the control at your fingertips at all time including exposure is also of great advantage in terms of security as you can interrupt exposure at anytime if your surveyed area is not cleared anymore. The built in Dosimeter completes the safety oriented features of the unit by providing the operator a reliable and convenient monitoring of exposure at the very place where he or she stands. The Hand-XD Power connected to the generator has specifically been designed to cope with harsh environment and bad power...

Product information

Hz 45 to 66
Duty cycle
% 100
Operating temperature
°C -10 to 50
Metallic military type. Independent earth screw
Aluminium, rough construction with protective handles and metallic cover
kV min step
kV 1
mA min step
mA 0,1
Time min step
s 1 up to 99 min 59 s
24 keys embossed surface, anti scratch long life surface treatment
Automatic preheating
Yes (90 sec. minimum)
100 last exposure, 100 memories
4 lines, crystal clear, green back lighting, adjustable contrast
Warning lights and safety device
3 steps X-ray ON key, lockable emergency stop switch (CE)
Warning lights and safety device
3 positions key switch, Buzzer, Alphanumeric messages and LED
Internal accumulator (2,5A) - 8 hours charge capacity
9,5 kg + 0,9 kg (remote control)