The dynamometers series TesT 323 include a force transducer and a process-controlled electronic unit with advanced software under Windows CE. Various functions are adapted to the daily requirements of quality assurance. An integrated data logger with 4 MB, supplemented by an SD card with 2 GB storage space allows, f.e., saving peak values and/or curves in xls files. Online or after use the data can be transferred to a computer via an USB 2.0 port, for further processing / storage. Basic settings, that had been stored once, even remain when the device has been switched off. After switching it on the device is immediately ready for usage again. The handy case with its ergonomic design is suitable for right and left handers. A fixed mounting in a testing fixture is also possible. Rechargeable batteries provide a smooth and mobile use for more than 10 hours. These robust devices are suitable for industrial applications. The calibration is carried out with reference instruments or weights.

  • Handheld Force Measurement Device
  • Force Measurement
  • Dynamometer


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