Handheld temperature probe with integrated USB...

Digital temperature measurement systems

73.69€ TTC


For this innovative product the PC can become an efficient temperature measuring system. The USB-interface is integrated in the handle, as a result the probe has compact dimensions and the measuring probe can be operated directly on the PC.

Product features

Name Handheld temperature probe
Sensor TSic 306
Temperature measuring range -50...+150 °C
Resolution 0.1 °C (11 bit)
Accuracy ±0.3 °C (10...+90 °C)
Interface USB-Interface, 1.1 and 2.0 compatible
Application temperature -10...+60 °C, for further information check data sheet
Tube length 110 mm
Tube diameter 6.0 mm
Tube material rust and acid resistant Stainless Steel
Supply voltage Via USB, approx. 5 mA
Weight 0.2 kg

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