Handheld ultrasonic welder HSG

Ultrasonic welding systems


The welder can be used to join and reshape thermoplastic materials ultrasonically. This offers enormous advantages both technically and economically. The most simple way of welding thermoplastic materials with ultrasonics is with a handheld ultrasonic welder. The welders are excellently suited to use in prototype building, the processing of single pieces, small series, and repairs. Whether spot welding, swaging, staking or cutting– the hand tool HSG is easy to operate, has variable power ratings, and can be equipped with all common sonotrode types (35 kHz).

Ultrasound systems - Processing plastics
  • handheld ultrasonic welder
  • ultrasonic welding
  • ultrasonic welding device

Product features

operating frequency 35 kHz
generator power 1000 W

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