Patch Handle bags The Patch handle bag is a standard poly-handle-bag like it is well-known and loved. It has got a high weight-bearing capacity through the stamped-out handle with handle strengthening. On desire, you can receive this handle bag with bottom or side fold. The material is PE (LDPE, HDPE). It can be transparent, milky, white or coloured. Each design will be carried out individually for our clients. Therefore, the range of formats and foil thickness is nearly boundless. with bottom or side fold with or without handle strengthening it is possible to stick or to weld the handle strengthening up to 10 colours in flexo or gravure printing Soft loop handle bags The soft loop handle bag is strong and of a high quality. It is able to carry a lot of weight. You can receive this handle bag with a welded and stable soft loop handle made of plastic in different colours or transparent. The material is PE (LDPE). According to your desire, it can be transparent, milky, white or...


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