Handlebar bag for motorcycles

Handlebar bags in several sizes for motorcycles and bicycles
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Our company, which was established in Trabzon in 2012 to provide import‑oriented motorcycle accessories service, started to serve as a motorcycle textile and accessory manufacturer for the first time in Turkey with the investment it made in Yalova in 2019. Our facility is the only factory in Turkey where all production processes and all quality processes are carried out in a single integrated facility. All products are designed and produced with care in the factory in Yalova, believing that the motorcycle is not a vehicle but a lifestyle. A product is produced every minute in our facility. It meets 95% of its raw material supply domestically. Our expert R&D team conducts research and works continuously for innovative products in order to meet the needs in the most accurate way. Known for our innovative design and dynamic marketing solutions, TIEN branded products are exported to many countries around the world.

  • Motorcycle clothing
  • bag manufacturer
  • motorcycle bags
  • handlebar grips for motor vehicles

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77700 Yalova - Turkey