Handmade paper bag with offset printing


Paper bags with offset printing are made of kraft paper, chalk paper or carton. The standard grammage is 170. Handmade bags are available in a range of sizes that are adjusted to our standard punches. However, we can prepare an individual size, which is additionally payable, at the customer’s request. These bags are usually finished with matt/glossy lamination, however, at the customer’s request we can also offer HOT Stamping, different kinds of handles and different methods of tying the handles. Handmade bags with offset printing are produced according to the graphic design delivered by a customer. The minimum order quantity is 1000 pcs. We can offer handmade bags with grammage other than 170 gsm, but within the range of 170-250 gsm.

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Product features

Mini bag 18/8/21 cm
Small bag 25/11/32 cm 25/15/33 cm
Medium Bag 32/12/40 cm 32/17/39 cm 34/20/35 cm
Big bag 45/16/48 cm 54/14/44 cm

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