Harbour & material handling technology

Electrifying development


Where it says carbon on the package, there is innovation inside! That's because carbon brushes from MACK are playing their part in helping gantry cranes and container-handling technology go green. Lower diesel fuel consumption, less air pollution, significant increase in productivity: Slowly but surely, new technology is bringing the electrification of container-stacking cranes to port terminals around the world. ERTG (Electrified Rubber-Tyred Gantry) is the keyword. And: MACK is at the forefront when contact shoes are required, at times even for conductor lines that are several hundred metres long. We would be pleased to play a major role in your ‘green harbour’ projects with our high-quality, durable carbon brushes and holders, making our contribution towards a future that is more environmentally friendly in the process. Our tool production and our injection moulding workshop work for you exactly to your needs.

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