El Saied Company s.p.r.l. is a textile recycling company of used clothes and shoes. Our company is a big wholesaler textile exporter, our markets are located all over the world. Our head office is in Belgium : Bergensesteenweg 424 - 1600 Sint-Pieters -Leeuw Belgium. Our integrity and professionalism plays a very important role in our success of and also success of our customers. We handle the entire process of our transactions, it starts from loading of the products in our warehouses till the port or final destination address. We assist beginners and promote professionals to higher levels. Our goal is that you become one of our clients, being with us is a success for both of us. El saied company offers a good product related to all market expectations covered by our business partners. For any further question or missing information about our canada-generic company or our products and price, please don’t hesitate to contact


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