The PDP Series machines are specially designed to press low-fat, medium-humidity products. Complete with an automatic feeding system with sensors to ensure continuous production, machine components are built to last. The fully mechanical pressing equipment in the PDP Series provides customers with a lasting, reliable solution for pressed cube. Both versions can press cubes (speed approximately 100.000 / hour) and tablets (speed approximately 45.000 / hour). Continuous production is made possible thanks to minimum and maximum level sensors which are part of an optional automatic feeding system which can be fitted to the product hopper. This also helps to obtain a consistently optimal level inside the moulds, therefore enhancing product quality.

Product features

Production capacity 600 max. portions/minute Cubes: 1000 max. portions/minute
Full load current 3P x 400 Volt – 50 Hz – 8 Amp
Compressed air 100 Nl/min. (Min. Op. Pressure 6 bar)
Weight 3,050 Kg approx.

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