Composition: Made from waste generated as a result of making hardwood mouldings for furniture. Ideal for: Easy light and swiftly brings a fire up to operating temperature. Characteristics: Good flame and rapidly reaches and maintains a high operating temperature which warms the flue and enables the stove to work at maximum efficiency. How to use: Place three or four briquettes loosely around and above the firelighter. Ensure plenty of air reaches the lighter. Place on glowing embers to revive a dying fire. Hardwood Cobs can also be used as a main fuel. Please note: Store in a dry place. Do not overload your firebox. Parameters Composition: Made from waste hardwood from the furniture manufacturing industry. Compression: Not known. Calorific value: 5.3kWh/kg Ash content: 3% Moisture content: 7% Product Standard: Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) registered Dimensions and Packaging Briquette: 30mm to 100mm long x 65mm dia. Weight: c.

  • Hardwood Cobs
  • Kindling wood dics
  • Kindling sticks
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