Harmonica has never been easier to get a very own sauna to enjoy. The sauna, with its unique pull-out function, has only a depth of approximately 58cm and can therefore easily be placed on the ground floor in both the villa and the apartment, a two-storey sauna. When using it, simply pull out the front part and get a spacious sauna with a depth of just over one meter. In this compact model, the heaters have not been compromised with a combination of carbon wave and IR vitalight heaters around the entire sauna floor as well as on the moving floor area. Play music with bluetooth The outside of this sauna is white-colored and the inside is in beautifully untreated hemlock. The handle is a flat handle in wood, white on the outside and with untreated wood on the inside. Of course you enjoy music with Bluetooth or USB function. This is a very popular sauna when you can decide when it is big or small. Sauna SPECIFICATION Material: Exterior; white painted

Sauna - equipment
  • infrared heaters
  • sauna
  • sauna cabins
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