Which purpuse are MAFEX-Potato/Fruit sprayers used for? In general, the MAFEX unit can be used to apply any liquid. Its most common usage is the liquid treatment of potatoes with seed dressing agents, fungicides and anti-sprouting agents (e.g. Fungazil® 100 SL, GROSTOP® Basis, NeoNet® Start, MonCut®, Magnate® 100 SL and Cuprozin® Liquid), the treatment of citrus and other fruits with various types of wax and fungicides. Application of water for dust binding. How and where should a MAFEX be assembled? Mounting of the atomisers for use with potatoes, for example, can be made on de-earthers, box fillers or conveyor belts, with preferred positioning above a step-down drop. With fruits, atomisers can be mounted above the sorting table for example. For MAFEX sprayers with 1 or maximum 2 atomisers there are also mobile supporting stands available. Advantages optimum dispersion of active ingredient uniform allround-wetting of the potatoes or fruits reduction of required quantity of agent


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