Which purpuse are MAFEX-Silage sprayers used for? Mafex-Silage spraying systems ares used for application of liquid silage support agents directly during chaffing. How and where should a MAFEX-Silage sprayer be assembled? Atomisers are installed in protective tubing at an appropriate location with an adapter suited to the chopper. The atomiser cannot clog thanks to its special design and installation angle. On John Deere choppers installation by the accelerator, for example, takes place so that plant parts are evenly covered by the droplets as they are discharged. On the other hand and depending on the year ofmanufacture, atomisers on New Holland choppers are installed near the feed rollers or, likewise, by the accelerator. As a rule, installation is possible on any chopper (e.g. Claas, Krone, etc.). Stationary installations on conveyor systems, for example, are also possible. Advantages Optimisation of the silage process Minimum application volumes Optimal distribution of active agent Flexible mounting


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