Hastelloy Fasteners (C276, B2, B22, C4, C22, X)
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Unifit Metalloys Inc manufacture Hastelloy Fasteners in various grades, sizes and specifications as required. We source from reputed and approved mills throughout the world and deliver to our clients. We deliver Hastelloy fasteners with complete EN 10204:3.1/3.2 certification. Grades: Hastelloy (C276, B2, B22, C4, C22, X) Size: M3 to M56 & Customized. Length: 10mm to 300mm & Customized. Forms: Hastelloy Threaded Bars. Hastelloy BOLTS: Stud bolt, Hex bolts, Square bolts, Eye bolts, Anchor bolts, Structural bolts, U-bolts, J bolts, Foundation bolts etc. Hastelloy NUTS: Hexagon nuts, Hexagon coupling nuts, Hexagon thin nut, Square nut, Hexagon castle nuts, Self locking nut, Hexagon domed cap nuts etc. Hastelloy Washers: Plain washer, Plain big & small OD washer, Spring lock washer, spring washer heavy duty etc. If any related requirement, contact

Studs and bolts, fastening
  • hastelloy nuts
  • hastelloy bolts
  • hastelloy washers

Product features

GRADE Hastelloy (C276, B2, B22, C4, C22, X)
SIZE M3 to M56 & Customized.
length 10mm to 300mm & Customized.
CERTIFICATE EN 10204:3.1/3.2
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