Moisture meter Name: Hay moisture meter, F-6/6-30 Material: Hay, Straw, Windrow, Bales Mc: 6-30% on hay Calibrations: Hay Overview Like the F-6 hay moisture meter, including simplified controls, this tool is a great entry-level meter for value-minded hay producers. Favorite among those serving the export markets that require lower MC range readings. Your Benefits: Easy-to-read analog display Moisture Range: 6%-30% on hay Also available with 13%-40% MC range as F-6 Built-in calibration check Size: 20x8x4cm (8x3x1 5/8”) Weight: 285 gr. (10 oz) Rugged construction ensures years of reliable use Optional sturdy plastic carrying case 9V battery 1-year warranty Special Packages: Moisture meter F-6/6-30 Value Package: Includes meter and 1235 25cm (10") pen electrode Moisture meter F-6/6-30 Deluxe Package: Includes meter, H-4 handle, 830-2 25cm (10”) pen electrode, 831 windrow electrode and carrying case Moisture meter F-6/6-30 Deluxe 18 Package: Includes meter, H-4 handle, 830-3 45c

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