By creating specialized aluminum alloys, pioneering new treatments and combining aluminum components with other materials such as paper, plastic and fiberglass, Novelis has become the global quality leader for the transportation manufacturing industry. We have created a range of transportation manufacturing products that provide insulation against heat, sound and gases, high strength so components remain effective under pressure, and superior flexibility for a full range of designs and implementations. Key Novelis aluminum components include heat exchangers, heat protection mats and sleeves, energy absorption elements, hoses, silencers and flexible tubes, including heat protection tubes, air ducts and exhaust pipes. Novelis is a leading supplier of light-gauge, narrow-slit aluminum fin stock (bare and clad) and brazing sheet used in the production of heat exchangers.

Pipes and tubes, aluminium
  • aluminum alloys
  • Aluminum’s high thermal conductivity
  • corrosion resistance
  • Novelis aluminum components
  • combining aluminum components
  • insulation against heat
  • narrow-slit aluminum fin stock
  • brazing sheet

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