Heat Exchangers

VersoHEX Heat Exchangers


The Versol standard range of heat exchangers are is developed to generate hot water/cold water efficiently with/without the need for storage. VERSOHEX can be used with storage tanks to heat up the stored water or can be inline in the system to produce hot/cold water directly. VERSOHEX can be in three ranges as below VERSOHEX-IM – Immersion Heat Exchangers VERSOHEX-PL- Plate Heat Exchangers VERSOHEX-ST- Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers VERSOHEX-IM Range VERSOL are specialized in the design and manufacturing of Immersion HeatExchangers for deferent applications. VERSOL Immersion Heaters are capable to fulfill customer requirements in Heating or Cooling of liquids. VERSOL offers mainly two type of Immersion Heaters. Immersion Heaters are designed to use with VERSOTHERM Calorifiers or Standard models are available to use with different Calorifiers Tanks. Material and size selection should be taken care after confirming the Calorifiers tank material and dimensions. 1.

Heat exchangers
  • Heat exchangers
  • heat exchangers for chemical use
  • heat exchangers for solar panels
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