Heat protection sleeve TEXTALU® 1202

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Bentley-Harris® Textalu 1202 is an insulative fiberglass sleeving with a heavy aluminum coating designed to protect components in high temperature areas. It provides superior insulation to components that must maintain stable temperatures to assure performance efficiency. Textalu 1202 is used on wire harnesses, sensor control wiring and cable assemblies in close proximity to engines and exhaust systems. Due to its elastic structure, Textalu 1202 conforms well to the variable profiles of the components it protects. Its braided construction allows good flexibility in temperatures as low as -50°C. The infra-red emissivity rating of Textalu 1202 heavy aluminum coating, combined with its fiberglass braid, ensures temperature stability inside the Textalu sleeving despite frequent external temperature fluctuations due to radiant heat.

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  • Heat protection sleeve
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