Setting up heated bus stops in extreme weather climates, is essential for proper functioning of the city’s public transportation system. Due to extreme weather conditions – where in the Winter temperatures drop to -50° C.The bus stop consists of three parts: heated (closed) bus stop, open bus stop area and small shop for sale of print, souvenirs and snacks. During the winter, the bus stop is heated with inverter Air conditioning, with additional heating by air curtain. During the summer, the closed area is cooled with air conditioners, therefore providing comfort for the townspeople during the entire year. The bus stop is equipped with 3 advertising windows type ‘City light 801’ for print ads or information about transport. The stop is also equipped with benches, windows for timetables and trash bin. Roof, floor and walls of the heated area are insulated with organic materials which have high performances in terms of fire resistance.

Urban fixtures and installations
  • bus shelter
  • Street furniture
  • urban equipment